Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report April 2020



The most in-depth look at smart speaker adoption in the U.S. available anywhere. More than 30 charts and 30 pages of analysis cover topics ranging from smart speaker adoption growth, vendor market share, and ranking the most popular use cases, to what consumers want from their smart speakers, how often they use third-party voice apps, and much more. The 2020 edition is the third annual Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report and as a result, also has unrivaled trend data that is instructive about the U.S. market as well as where other country adoption patterns are headed. 

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Smart Speaker Owenership
  • Smart Speaker Use Cases
  • Voice App Discovery & Use
  • Consumer Sentiment About Smart Speakers
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources

List of Charts

  1. Percent of U.S. Adults with a Smart Speaker 2018-20
  2. Technology Adoption Lifecycle Position of Voice Interactive Devices and Solutions
  3. U.S. Adult Smart Speaker Installed Base 2018-20
  4. U.S. Installed Base Market Share by Vendor
  5. Amazon Echo and Google Nest Home User Base 2018-20
  6. Total U.S. Smart Speakers in Use 2018-20
  7. U.S. Installed Base Smart Speaker Market Share by Device Model
  8. U.S. Smart Display Installed Based by Vendor
  9. U.S. Smart Display Adoption by Smart Speaker Owners
  10. Smart Speaker Frequency of use 2018-20
  11. Smart Speaker Use Frequency Compared to Ownership Time
  12. Smart Speakers Pre Household 2018-20
  13.  Average Number of Smart Speakers Per Household 2018-20
  14. Where in the Home Consumers Have Smart Speakers – January 2020
  15. Smart Speaker Use Case Frequency January 2020 (trial, monthly active, and daily active use rates for 18 common use cases)
  16. Question Category Frequency on Smart Speakers – January 2020
  17. Consumer Interest in Using Smart Speakers for Customer Service 2019-20
  18. How Smart Speaker Owners Discover Voice Apps
  19. Third-party Voice App Users January 2020
  20. Third-party Voice Apps Tried Per User
  21. Number of Voice Apps Tried 2019-20
  22. Monthly Third-Party Voice App Users January 2020
  23. Third-Party Voice Apps Used Monthly Per User 2019-20
  24.  Number of Third-Party Voice Apps Used Monthly January 2020
  25. What Qualities Users Value in Smart Speakers
  26. Percentage of Users That Value Smart Speaker Audio Quality and Breadth of Capabilities 2019-20
  27.  Reasons Consumers Don’t Yet Have a Smart Speaker 2018-20
  28. Concerns About Smart Speaker Privacy Risk All U.S. Adults 2019-20
  29. Concerns About Smart Speaker Privacy Risk Smart Speaker Owners 2019-20
  30. Consumers Expecting to Become Smart Speaker Owners 2018-20
  31. Use of Voice Assistants on Smartphones After Purchasing a Smart Speaker 2019-20