In-Car Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report 2021

The car is one of the most important environments for voice assistant use today with a history stretching back over 20 years. This is our third installment of the In-Car Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report. Earlier reports evaluated data from the U.S. only but for 2021 the report has expanded to also include the UK and Germany. The 2021 report incorporates over 30 charts and nearly 50 pages of analysis. In addition to the adoption and use data collected from more than 3,000 consumers, there is also a breakdown of a new model for in-car voice assistants that has emerged since 2019 as well as a review of the most recent trends and news that are shaping the trajectory of the solution space. 

UK Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2021

Voicebot Research breaks down UK smart speaker adoption in more depth than has been available previously — and the results are surprising. Three years of adoption metrics are coupled with a robust analysis of UK smart speaker owner behavior and sentiment. Guess what? The UK no longer simply follows the U.S. adoption pattern. It has leapt past the U.S. in adoption and use. This analysis  provides the context and reliable analysis typically absent from other reports. The report addresses market share, user base, and use case questions as well as a forecast for 2021. Download to see 33 charts in over 30 pages of analysis along with hundreds of data points.

Germany Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2021

Voicebot Research’s first deep-dive into German smart speaker adoption. Three years of adoption metrics are coupled with a robust analysis of German smart speaker owner behavior and sentiment. These figures are compared with U.S. adoption data to provide much needed context typically absent from other reports. There is some clear alignment with German and U.S. adoption, but there was also significant divergence in 2020. The report addresses market share, user base, and use case questions as well as a forecast for 2021. Download to see 38 charts, 35 pages of analysis and hundreds of data points.

U.S. Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2021

The most comprehensive analysis of smart speaker adoption, use, and consumer sentiment available. Includes four years of trend data, more than 30 pages of analysis, 100s of data points, and 35 charts. Learn what trends emerged in 2019 that drove much of the industry activity in 2020 and how the COVID-19 pandemic served as an accelerant. Are we past “peak smart speaker”? How many people own devices? How many voice apps do they use each month? What is the forecast for 2021? It’s all there in this year’s report. 


An in-depth review of marketer sentiment, activities, and plans for using voice assistants and voice apps as a marketing channel. Based on data collected from over 300 marketers, the 35-page report assesses everything from plans for investment in Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant Actions to building “owned” custom assistants, UX design decisions, and budgets. Over 25 charts. 


A detailed analysis of smart home device adoption in the U.S. as of late 2020. The data is based on a survey of about 1,100 U.S. adults and is compared to earlier surveys of comparable representative samples of U.S. consumers from 2020, 2019, and 2018. The report considers 10 smart home device categories other than smart speakers and presents data around consumer habits, demographics, and use of voice to control the devices. The report includes over 25 charts and 20 pages of analysis. 


A deep dive into a fast growing product category. Hearables were a chapter in the 2018 voice assistant consumer adoption report but their rapid growth merited a stand-alone report for 2020. The category just edges out smart speakers for total users with nearly 100 million U.S. adults. Voicebot’s hearables report includes more than 30 charts included in 35 pages of analysis. It also introduces the concept of the mobile audio decade and how that trend will take hearables even further over the next several years and bring voice alone with it. 


The most in-depth look at voice assistant use on smartphones in the U.S. available anywhere. More than 50 charts and 40 pages of analysis covering topics ranging from smartphone voice assistant adoption growth, assistant market share, and ranking the most popular use cases, to consumer experience using custom voice assistants in mobile apps and more. The 2020 edition is the second biannual Smartphone Voice Assistant Consumer Adoption Report and as a result, also has unrivaled trend data that is instructive about the U.S. market as well as where other country adoption patterns are headed.


The Voice Industry Pulse is the first report to measure the activities, sentiment, and plans of voice industry professionals. Results are presented from two surveys in July 2019 and January 2020. Everyone can download the executive summary today with 11 charts and Voicebot Research members get access to over 40 charts and 37 pages of analysis.


The third edition of the most cited smart speaker data in the industry is now available for 2020. The Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2020 features 30 charts and 30 pages of analysis. The report provides in-depth analysis around third-party voice app adoption, use cases, user behavior, and warning signs for smart speaker sales going forward. And, that is just the start. 


Market data and analysis on consumer adoption & attitudes of voice assistant use in the car.
An empirical study of the voice user and app experience.

2020 update coming soon. Pre-register for the latest healthcare report here

Market data and analysis on how marketing professionals use and view voice apps.
Report on consumers & voice search and new research on voice assistant SEO.
Second-annual market data report on U.S. smart speaker consumer trends & use cases.
Ebook featuring 100 insights from 17 experts on voice user experience design.

Consumer behavior employing voice assistants while driving. 

Market data and analysis on the adoption of voice commerce by consumers.

Market data report on U.S. consumer trends and use cases for smart speakers in 2018.